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Of all the t-shirts in the world, it’s uncanny, coincidental, and serendipitous (*never ironic) I should find this one.  It reads “Good BFFs Are Hard To Find” and boasts a two adorable white puppies, much like my darling Pupsy and Pepsy, who are quite fashion-forward themselves.  Watch them work it in today’s fashion shoot.  And for more of my musings on the colour pink, check out my article at The Daily Get Up!

– “Good BFFs Are Hard To Find” t-shirt, Charlotte Russe
– Cropped jeans, Citizens of Humanity
– Flip-flops, Volcom
– Throwback sunglasses, Volcom
– Cotton jersey multi-strand scarf
– Gold watch, Vestal
– Bracelets, Forever 21
– Pyramid stud ring
– Jointed armour ring
– Around-the-way-girl earrings

On Pepsy
– Prada bows
– Blinged out collar
– Yellow silly band (*thanks Aunt Sarah!)
– H is for Haiti necklace

On Pupsy
– Jumpman 23 head wrap
– Pop Champagne chain (*thanks Uncle Lee!)



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  1. OMGEEEE – did you do a back flip in Char Russe when you found this tee that was made specifically for you??? Were Peps and Pups with you at the time??? Did a supernatural force compel you to walk into Char Russe that day???

    Diggin this whole retro vibe and im kind of obsessed with hot pink at the moment.

  2. i love that Pupsy’s chain is called “Pop Champagne” – so awesome.

    and really, how the hell did that shirt find its way into your closet? completely serendipitous.

    finally, what’s your review on the volcom flips, comfort wise? i am on a quest for cute and comfortable flips. i love my reefs, but they are tired-looking. found a cute roxy pair, but they kill.

  3. Crazy right?! (*Still not ironic.)

    Miss — the Volcom flip-flops feel fine — the only thing I’d say is that unlike Reef, Rainbow, or Havianas where there is a certain degree of standardization about the brand, Volcom flip-flops tend to range in style, material, etc. But you can def try mine on to get a sense of them!

  4. You are welcome kids!!!! You are the best kids ever!

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