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Just so everybody’s crystal clear on the vision behind WWJW, I direct you to the About section of my site.  Almost a year has passed since the fateful day I unleased my little fashion blogging experiment and I’ve found it to be: fun, creative, topical, and a commitment.  I’ve also discovered: people will walk in on you in the darndest places, the haters will hate, and you really can’t take yourself too seriously.  ‘Cause that might really sting 😉

– Bubble hem dress, Derek Heart
– Plaid shirt, Forever 21
– Volcom flip flops
– Twisted silver hoop earrings
– Pretty Wings necklace
– Bvlgari orbit ring
– Silver knuckle ring
– Stacked rings
– Nails: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away



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A few compliments on my skirt, which I went DITC for (not to be confused with this DITC.).  You know what forget it, I just meant the skirt is an oldie but goodie.  OMG… FML… LMAO!

PS — Nick said I looked like Tim Burton at a luau.  I think he wanted to be quoted!

– Dear by Amanda Bynes striped shirt
– Whisper skirt
– Members Only cheetah jacket
– Rainbow flip flops
– Juicy resort necklace
– Envelope necklace (*thanks Puppies!)
– Monkey ring


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Between reality TV, narcissistic bloggers (*ahem), and headline-snagging socialites, the lines of stardom are blurring into a oblivion, like a WillItBlend? experiment.  Walking back to my car after an afternoon Starbucks run, I remarked to the illustrious Jenny Drama that we looked like we belonged in a TV show.  Using the nadir of celebrity as a benchmark, of course.

– Beulah dress
– Suede cowboy boots
– Eugenia Kim for Target fedora
– Double wrap leather bracelet
– Gold horn bracelet
– Gold chain link bracelet
– Porcupine ring
– Monkey ring
– Botkier handbag
– Lashes: Bad Gal Blue by Benefit in blue


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, remarked Betty, shutting down a double entendre brimming lothario during her and Don’s jaunt to Italy.  Only a gentleman is worthy to talk to a woman rocking hair that major, so get to steppin’.

Mad Men’s back, and so is the well-deserved fuss over the impeccable dress of its characters — Betty Draper, Joan Holloway, Peggy Olson, and our (anti?)hero Don Draper.  The much-heralded Costume Designer Janie Bryant explains her vision for the characters this season.

As for me, I’m looking forward to the end of the day — peeling off these high-waisted trousers, loosening up this silly front bun, and pouring myself a scotch on the rocks.

– Only Ones Work eyelet top
– Harvé Benard capris
– Rebels flats
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– White enamel bangle
– Nails: Chanel Orange Blossom


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Prepare to see a total repeat of this outfit in the Fall, as it combines 2 major trends: military and ladylike.  Kind of like this Louis Vuitton piece, modeled by the adorable Alexa Chung.  I regret my decision to wear flip flops, so I’ll schedule a make-good with heels when it’s *not* 99 degrees and swampy out.

– Vintage blouse
– Miss Sixty army skirt
– Havianas flip flops
– Hair bow
– CC huggies


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Gosia: hey… i don’t know if you’ve read the express this morning but apparently courtney love is straight up jacking your sister’s blog
clearly the commentary is not on the same level

Just want to give a shout-out to one of my metro-DC readers, Gosia!  Thanks for the compliment and the heads-up on Courtney’s blog.  I guess it was bound to happen, that the person who penned these lyrics would eventually create a photojournal of her adventures in fashion!

– Gap slouch tee
– The Limited khaki pants
– Target flip flops
– Homemade fire & ice scarf
– H&M earrings
– David Yurman aqua chalcedony ring
– Gold horn bracelet


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Comments/comebacks on my outfit ranged from:

“You’re looking very corporate today!”
“Me?  I’m wearing a t-shirt from Walmart.”


“What happened there?  Forgot to finish getting dressed?  A t-shirt with a skirt?”
“Thanks for your input, Tim Gunn.”

So I guess I’m either too dressed up or too dressed down, depending on who you ask.  And I’ll defend myself against either charge using evidence from the other 😛  Gotta keep these guys on their toes and continue my crusade for style bemusement!

– Bird of paradise tee, Norma Kamali for Walmart
– Pencil skirt, Mandee
– Gunmetal shoes, Joey O
– Aviator sunglasses, Ray Ban

07.19 & 20.10

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Just getting back from my adventure in LA LA Land!  In two days time, I: flew 6,000 miles, enjoyed the buttery gray leather seats and personal tele aboard JetBlue, luxuriated with a eye-popping mani/pedi of my own creation, indulged in a sublime dinner at The Bazaar, enjoyed the company of my client and a dashing stylist from an elite salon, and snoozed in a sophisticated suite in a premier hotel.  Sounds pretty fabulous, doesn’t it?  I must be pretty important!

…Quite the opposite.  I’m fairly convinced that I was the lucky gal for the job because of my willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.  Did I mention I flew in and out of JFK… to Burbank, not so much LA?  How about the fact that my nails are chipping, my skin is crawling, and I fear the worst?  Or the tantalizing pools that I was always too early or too late to dip into?  Or, most disappointingly, how my west coast BFF couldn’t make time for me?  Wahhh wahhh I know… let’s just say home sweet home.

– American Eagle tank
– Joe’s Jeans
– Old Navy flip flops
– Lucky belt
– Ray Ban aviator sunglasses
– Vestal Destroyer watch
– Von Cleef dangle earrings
– Burberry Manor bag
– DVF overnight bag

– Arden B jumpsuit
– Colin Stuart sandals
– Essie mani/pedi


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RIP J Dilla

– LeRoy ❤ Dilla commemorative t-shirt, LeRoy Jenkins
– Chip & Pepper jeans
– Volcom flip flops
– Hoop earrings


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Next week I’m headed on a quick there-and-back trip to LA.  I decided to devote today’s entry to dressing for travel.  Whoops, not that link; sorry, try this one.  Or if you have a specific destination in mind, Journeywoman has some really useful advice!

Archaic as it sounds, I still try to avoid wearing sweatpants or tracksuits to fly, even if Drake cosigns it (“And Jordan sweat suits are your flight clothes…”).  I like to pretend that airlines are in their golden days, and people still dressed with pride to board them.  Then I get off my high horse and put on some jeans.  I always wear long sleeves and bundle up with a jacket or scarf, because once you hit the skies, you can count on being chilly.  The only downside is that you’ll need to remove either item to pass through airport security.  One of my favourite experiences at O’Hare Airport was when I was standing in a sheer camisole because I had to send my blazer through the x-ray machine.  That was fun, but still a runner-up to the time I experienced delays to the point of a flight cancellation.  But the best time yet was at Newark Airport when I forgot where I parked in the Economy lot, and had to drag my rollie around (bump, bump, bump) in lightly falling snow until I finally located that little b*tch of a car I had.  Ahh, just as Robert Frost described it!

But I digress (and how!).  In conclusion, dress in layers for warmth, but not too many because you’ll hold up the line at security!

– Alternative Apparel tunic
– Joe’s Jeans
– White Mountain sandals
– Black knitted hat
– Paisley scarf

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