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Next week I’m headed on a quick there-and-back trip to LA.  I decided to devote today’s entry to dressing for travel.  Whoops, not that link; sorry, try this one.  Or if you have a specific destination in mind, Journeywoman has some really useful advice!

Archaic as it sounds, I still try to avoid wearing sweatpants or tracksuits to fly, even if Drake cosigns it (“And Jordan sweat suits are your flight clothes…”).  I like to pretend that airlines are in their golden days, and people still dressed with pride to board them.  Then I get off my high horse and put on some jeans.  I always wear long sleeves and bundle up with a jacket or scarf, because once you hit the skies, you can count on being chilly.  The only downside is that you’ll need to remove either item to pass through airport security.  One of my favourite experiences at O’Hare Airport was when I was standing in a sheer camisole because I had to send my blazer through the x-ray machine.  That was fun, but still a runner-up to the time I experienced delays to the point of a flight cancellation.  But the best time yet was at Newark Airport when I forgot where I parked in the Economy lot, and had to drag my rollie around (bump, bump, bump) in lightly falling snow until I finally located that little b*tch of a car I had.  Ahh, just as Robert Frost described it!

But I digress (and how!).  In conclusion, dress in layers for warmth, but not too many because you’ll hold up the line at security!

– Alternative Apparel tunic
– Joe’s Jeans
– White Mountain sandals
– Black knitted hat
– Paisley scarf

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