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Last week I came across some writings by Simon Doonan.  Simon Doonan, I thought.  Is he the Creative Director at Barney’s?  Why do I know that???

Turns out, Simon Doonan is that and so much more.  As dry and poignant as we patriots expect our cousins across the pond to be, he has some very interesting insights and advice on fame, fashion, and fabulosity.  Like this: Study (Mine) Reveals Key to Celebrity: Icy Unavailability and “An icon is a person who can graffiti your clothing with a Sharpie while you are still wearing it and totally get away with it.”

I implore you to get familiar with Simon Doonan; he’s amusing, insightful, and his vocabulary gives Tim Gunn a run for his money.  And tell him I sent you… that way maybe he can unfurl some of his wit and sapience upon What Would Jilly Wear.

– Ezekiel t-shirt dress
– Sanuk tube-flops (*thanks Nick!)
– Volcom fedora
– Billabong bracelet
– Silver bracelet
– 2 silver rings
– Mani/pedi: Neon pink/nude



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Today’s blog entry  Let me start again, with a journalistic technique I learned from the illustrous Biege.

Dear Diary,

Today’s blog entry is about my new TOMS shoes.  I was really surprised when friends and family hadn’t heard about TOMS One for One policy: “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need.”  With the proliferation of advertising, I assumed everyone had seen the AT&T commercial starring TOMS founder and chief shoegiver, Blake Mycoskie.  I guess the proliferation of Tivo trumped it.  In any case, TOMS is a company with a strong, benevolent identity.  Founded on simple shoe designs and a charitable mission, it has grown in size, selection, awareness (*or not!), and impact since its inception in 2006.  I was stoked to get in on the movement, especially with the limited edition Glitters shoe I’m wearing today.  In fact, I’m so inspired by TOMS that I decided to donate an additional pair of shoes from my closet to a drop box for local families in need… it’s a two-for!  I suggest any fashionista with clothing and shoes to spare consider doing the same.  Just one way to make your charity go the extra mile.

Yours truly,

– Inspired by See by Chloe bib front shirt, WWJilly
– Joe’s Jeans
– TOMS Shoes
– Pyramid stud earrings


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (that’s 8 LOVEs, count ’em) LOVE magazine and its 8 luscious covers featuring the inimitable glam squad including Gisele No-last-name-necessary-thankyouverymuch, Agyness Deyn, Lauren Hutton, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kelly Brook, how-can-that-possibly-be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sienna Miller, and how-can-that-possibly-not-be Gemma Ward?  Maybe I’m dazzled by these intoxicatingly beautiful photos, but I think it would be so much fun to transform from a girl-next-door into The Siren or The Bombshell, or pretty much anything with “The” before it.  You always hear about how modeling is such hard work, but shots like these make me believe it’s worth the effort.  Shazam!

– Roxy sweatshirt
– American Apparel cotton jersey dress
– Nude flats
– Jointed armour ring
– Pyramid stud earrings
– Nails: Essie Chinchilly
– Lips: MAC Gimme That!


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Johnny Cash may have walked the line… I prefer to toe the line.  Dressing for success can sometimes mean playing the game.  Making an exit.  Leaving the people you meet wondering.  Remember when Ludacris answered the “Who are you wearing?” red carpet question with an eponymous “Chris Bridges”?  It’s like that.  Memorable.  True to yourself.  Enigmatic.   An answer that’s not an answer, but rather an invitation to more questions.  A lavender skirt — is she a lady who lunches?  She can’t be; those are spike earrings!  Is that a man’s undershirt???  Is this a walk of shame?!  Such ambiguity neutralizes any possibility of judging a book by its cover… leaving the option only to dive right into Chapter One.

– Tahari boyfriend blazer
– Quiksilver oversize pocket tee
– Harve Benard skirt
– Steve Madden pumps
– Sereno skinny belt
– Vestal gold watch
– WWJilly organic spike necklace
– Assorted rings
– Pyramid stud earrings
– Lips: MAC Gimme That!
– Nails: Chinchilly
– Burberry Manor bag
– Deux Lux oversize clutch


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Rather than force an entry about my bland, is-she-a-hippie?  is-she-a-hipster?  or-does-she-just-dress-poorly? outfit, I’ll recommend something that’s gorgeous and epic: The Beauty of the Power Game.  Stringed instruments provide the soundtrack for the slow-motion stunner, making me wonder if the parallel between the harp and the tennis racket was deliberate or divine intervention.  By embracing silence, its haunting melody underscores — by both definitions of the word — the fine balance of grace and intensity found in the sport of women’s tennis.  A must-watch, even if you’re not into women, tennis, or women’s tennis (like me).

– Chambray shirt, NY & Company
– Cotton jersey skirt, James Perse
– Flip flops, Aeropostale
– Studded belt, Gap
– Double wheat buckle necklace, David Yurman
– Double wrap studded bracelet
– Mod earrings, H&M
– Pyramid stud ring


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Smuttier than Chatroulette… more colourful than Robot Unicorn Attack… more addicting than hitting refresh on StumbleUpon… is a little hobby my dear friend Amy and I share: reviewing online photo galleries together over an instant messenger platform.  Be it Southern Weddings or Style.com, I’m always guaranteed to get walked in on by my boss mid-LOL care of an Amy zinger, like:

she looks like a weird doll

54 looks like everyone did their take on laura bush

if the shirt was a SMIDGE tighter and her face was not so odd i would say A+ to 37

they shouldn’t let the help mingle with the royalty

very pageant-y

i think he is a hair TOO dashing for her
i like her more with a dirty rock star type
me simultaneously:  yeah she needs someone dirty and in a band

7 is eurotrash

she looks like jodie foster circe 1976
or dakota fanning

My favourite part of Mean Girl Hour with Amy is the way everything seems to come full circle.  Like today:

i just googled “preppy celebs”
to see who came up
and that blasted picture of the ladies doing their laura bush impression came up

I can only imagine what a field day celebs would have if they StumbledUpon WWJW.  Eek!

– Black eyelet puff sleeve top, Only Ones Work
– Tulip skirt, Ann Taylor (*thanks Holly!)
– Fur trimmed shoes, WWJilly
– Bunny ear headband
– Pearl earrings


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Are you ready for some football?  Me neither; I’d be thrilled to extend the summer by about 3 months and hold kickoff ’til then, but alas, September is sending out meeting reminders for 2 weeks from now.  Football definitely eases the blow that is Autumn, and Fantasy Football even more.  Yesterday was CBD’s third annual draft day, and each year it gets better and better.  With a few key keepers, Team Beaux Jackson is back in full effect!  After all, Bo Knows… and now you know.


– Beaux Knows t-shirt, Nike/Challon collabo (*thanks sis!)
– Joe’s Jeans
– Volcom flip flops
– Surfer Silly Band (*thanks Sarah!)


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It’s Casual Friday and I’m all dressed up.  Why?  I don’t want to get called out by PiperlimeWith its newest campaign publicized via Facebook status updates, the Gap brand makes bold proclamations, such as “Every time you wear sweatpants in public, a single guy leaves New York” and “Let’s put Saturday-night effort into Sunday afternoon.”  Needless to say, reception has been polarized.  Some “friends” have defected; others have cheered fervently.  No matter which side of the debate you stand on, it’s likely the brand’s positioning makes you go hmmmm…

– Neon orange tee, Victoria’s Secret
– Khaki pencil skirt, Levine Classics
– Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden
– Neon yellow necklace
– Aqua chalcedony ring, David Yurman
– Peace’n’love earrings


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I’m approaching the end of a thoroughly enjoyable read, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, by Lewis Carroll.  With so many interpretations of the classic, like Elena Kalis’s magnificent Alice in Waterland, it was enriching to read the original.  Several passages have been laugh-out-loud funny, like this one:

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory,'” Alice said.
Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously.  “Of course you don’t — till I tell you.  I meant ‘there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!'”
“But ‘glory’ doesn’t mean ‘a nice knock-down argument,'” Alice objected.
I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you
can make words mean so many different things.”
“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s all.”
Alice was too much puzzled to say anything, so after a minute Humpty Dumpty began again.  “The’ve a temper, some of them — particularly verbs, they’re the proudest — however
I can manage the whole lot of them!  Impenetrability!  That’s what I say!”
“Would you tell me, please,” said Alice, “what that means?”
“Now you talk like a reasonable child,” said Humpty Dumpty, looking very much pleased, “I meant by ‘impenetrability’ that we’ve had enough of that subject, and it would be just as well if you’d mention what you mean to do next, as I suppose you don’t mean to stop here all the rest of your life.”
“That’s a great deal to make one word mean,” Alice said in a thoughtful tone.
“When I make a word do a lot of work like that,” said Humpty Dumpty, “I always pay it extra.”
“Oh!” said Alice.  She was too much puzzled to make any other remark.

A 7-and-a-half year old heroine whose observant naïvete brings her more sensibility than the fully-formed kooks she encounters?  It’s no surprise she’s my inspiration today.

– Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker t-shirt
– Striped Forever 21 skirt with braided belt
– Jessica Simpson cobalt flats
– Bunny ear headband


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I blog about Target and its egalitarian GO International collection — often.  I thought it behooved me to tell you a little bit more about the concept:

 GO International™ is an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by emerging designers. GO International is an exciting way to deliver the latest style to our female guests at the prices they expect from Target.

One of the only drawbacks to the program is how quickly certain locations sell out of key pieces.  By the time fashion mavens and eBay sharks snatch up spotlight items, none remain for regular Jills like me.

Good news — Target has been listening to its disappointed customers.  And this time, in advance of their exciting Mulberry, Tucker, and John Derian partnerships, they’ve created a temporary online boutique through Gilt Group.  If you’re not already a member, sign up now to gain insider access… or even just preview the luxe fashions and handsome handbags before they hit stores in October.

– JPG for Target GO International collection anchor shirt
– Banana Republic trousers
– LV logo scarf

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