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Salon has an opinion piece entitled Why I like vicious, anonymous online comments.  The author argues that their presence reminds us that, beneath a carefully maintained façade, individuals often possess a cruel, hateful demon that not only slings insults, BUT ALSO USES REALLY IRRITATING CAPITALIZATION, pun<tu@t!0n!!!***!!!*!*!, and barbaric spelling and grammer.  <— intentional

“The protective force field of anonymity — ,” the author writes, “or pseudonymity — brings out the worst in some people.  They say things they would never say in the presence of flesh-and-blood human beings.”

What do you think?  Does free speech mean that every person should speak his/her mind?  Does it necessitate that s/he takes responsibility for his/her opinions, or does s/he have a right to hide under a cloak of anonymity?  Have you been involved in online hatemongering?

– Striped button-down, Gap
– Cropped tweed trousers, Dalia Collection
– Nude patent shoes, Steve Madden
– Spike cuff, CC Skye
– Cross necklace
– Blue topaz earrings


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  1. HMMMMMMM interesting perspective. and does have the ring of truth – but i have NOTHING of hate to say about your ensemblay today, my friend. reminds me of jennifer aniston with your golden skin and hair and cool, casual yet o so chic button-down. my only suspect comment??? your eyes look like you stole them from an ice queen! pls dont shoot lasers at me for that b/c i adore you and your risk-taking style!!! i blame the ice queen eyes on the dig cam. X. 🙂

  2. Jilly, I’m going to quote a little wisdom from 3LW

    Playas, they gonna play
    And haters, they gonna hate
    Ballers, they gonna ball
    Shot callers, they gonna call
    That ain’t got nothin’ to do
    With me and you
    That’s the way it is
    That’s the way it is

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