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Everybody loves a good guessing game.  I love a good guessing game.  One of my all-time faves is the one where you give a clue and then debunk the initial guess that a person would make; for example, “I like flowers but I’m not a florist,” and then it turns out you’re something tricky like a bee or a bride or Hildi from Trading Spaces.  So let’s play Guess My Profession:

I flush toilets (after my own AND other slobs’ use) but I’m not a plumber.
I pursue big ideas but I’m not a professor.
I change the water cooler but I’m not the waterboy.
I chase down clients but I’m not a collections officer.
I make coffee but I’m not a barista.
I do voiceovers but I’m not an actor.
I wash dishes but I’m not a maid.
I proofread but I’m not an editor.
I stroke people’s egos but I’m not a cheerleader.

Give up?

I work at a small agency!


– Tara Ryan top
– Citizens of Humanity cropped jeans
– Emilio Pucci shoes
– Aqua belt (*thanks sis!)
– Turquoise and pearl hoop earrings (*thanks Jen!)
– Fingers/Toes: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow/Essie Lapis of Luxury

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  1. But THIS was my favorite post. I think you look exdreamy in the outfit. It *is* the one with the belt I got you. Regardless of the fact that I’m patting myself on the back, thereby “permeating” the “accolades” I’m due per the Self-Cheering Rule (KC&JC – 1998), it adds such pop to your still fly outfit. The shoes, forget it. So sick, like Ne-yo.

    And not to be undersold, your guessing game was verrrrry clever.

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