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My fashion sense took an absolute beating over the weekend at my roast.  Feeling insecure, I decided to let my necklace do the talkin’ and announce its fabulosity… and the fact that it’s Prada… Spring/Summer 2003 Ready-to-Wear, to be exact.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the experts.  Just don’t like it?  Well, you’re in the majority… but here’s what somebody more important that you has to say:

After last season’s sexy romp, Miuccia Prada took a turn in completely the opposite direction. Playing with simple silhouettes and quirky details, she married minimalism and embellishment in a collection filled with colour, ethnic details and a 60’s element.
CBC Television’s Fashion Romp

– Eyeshadow t-shirt
– Moda International seersucker pants
– Nude sandals
– Prada bib necklace




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  1. HA – the PS made me laugh

  2. ooooh la la! love the the hair, the stance, the look, the whole thing. now go book yourself a flight on timetravel.com and get to greece in 1975 stat!

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