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Traditional media needs to make certain adaptations to keep up with its plucky, much younger, online and emerging media counterparts.  Marie Claire announced that, beginning with their September book, they’re partnering with a new media technology that allows readers to snap a photo of a page, and receive in return anything from streaming video of it on the runway to a Buy It Now! ecommerce application.  Interestingly, Marie Claire selected their technology provider on its ability to function without the use of a bar code, which would compromise the aesthetic integrity of their spreads.  MC, this reader appreciates your steadfast morals and preservation of beauty… and preservation of print.

Likewise, I’ve been indulging in the delights of On Demand programming, which steps up TV’s game to compete with the Watch Instantly! feature on Netflix or the wonders of YouTube and Hulu.  Watching 5 back-seasons of Weeds has never been easier!

What’s the keystone between all these media platforms?  Mary Kate Olsen.  If you’ll notice, she graces the September issue of Marie Claire, and has just joined me in Season 3 of Weeds.  Naturally, I’m sweating her character Tara Lindman’s deshabille style.  She’s my inspiration today… from head to rosary ring wrapped finger.

– Oversized baby blue tee, Trouvé
– Black tank, Mossimo
– Skinny jeans, Forever 21
– Flip flops, Volcom
– Silver cross necklace
– Stacked silver rings


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