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Smuttier than Chatroulette… more colourful than Robot Unicorn Attack… more addicting than hitting refresh on StumbleUpon… is a little hobby my dear friend Amy and I share: reviewing online photo galleries together over an instant messenger platform.  Be it Southern Weddings or Style.com, I’m always guaranteed to get walked in on by my boss mid-LOL care of an Amy zinger, like:

she looks like a weird doll

54 looks like everyone did their take on laura bush

if the shirt was a SMIDGE tighter and her face was not so odd i would say A+ to 37

they shouldn’t let the help mingle with the royalty

very pageant-y

i think he is a hair TOO dashing for her
i like her more with a dirty rock star type
me simultaneously:  yeah she needs someone dirty and in a band

7 is eurotrash

she looks like jodie foster circe 1976
or dakota fanning

My favourite part of Mean Girl Hour with Amy is the way everything seems to come full circle.  Like today:

i just googled “preppy celebs”
to see who came up
and that blasted picture of the ladies doing their laura bush impression came up

I can only imagine what a field day celebs would have if they StumbledUpon WWJW.  Eek!

– Black eyelet puff sleeve top, Only Ones Work
– Tulip skirt, Ann Taylor (*thanks Holly!)
– Fur trimmed shoes, WWJilly
– Bunny ear headband
– Pearl earrings



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  1. I’m LOLing myself at Amy’s comments. Especially the “He is a hair TOO dashing for her.” Also, did you make those shoes? I DO DE-CLAY-UH! They’re great, schves. You’re one scheming, crafty mujer.

  2. ahhh good times. i love the outfit too! especially the bunny ear head band. jude law would NEVER be too dashing for you!

  3. […] buses, and subways). My office has a more conservative culture than agencyland, so alas, no more bunny ear headbands or leggings made of mercury. I guess the good news is my dress code — while not officially […]

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