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There’s really no good age to wear thigh-high or knee socks.  Under the age of 16 you risk Lolita accusations; over the age of 16 you risk Lolita envy accusations.  That’s why the presence of leg warmers and thigh-highs on Fall 2010 runways is, to quote Dave Chappelle about something completely unrelated, “f*cking confusing.”  Luckily Shopbop’s “Ask a Stylist” feature was there to help, with this guide…

…which I immediately violated with today’s getup.

– Babydoll dress, Erin Fetherston for Target Go International
– Knee socks, Hansel from Basel
– Suede cowboy boots (*thanks Timmy!)
– Clover earrings, Heidi Klum
– Nails: Blue Satin, Chanel
– Listening to: MGMT Kids



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Today, boys and girls, we’re going to learn about the word “ironic.”  In the academic, not the Alanis sense.  To quote Bender from Futurama, a no smoking sign on your cigarette break is “not ironic, it’s coincidental.”  Seanahan (no relation) terms it “comeuppance,” and a representative from the Merriam-Webster Editorial Department, who I emailed, suggested “serendipitous” because it’s “somewhat related to coincidence in the sense that something that is not planned or intended occurs.”  Then one day, I came across the word “vicissitudinous,” or more usefully, its noun form, “vicissitude,” and thought it was the holy grail for our societal misappropriation of the word “ironic,” but it’s proven a) difficult to pronounce and b) not nearly as dead-on as I remember.

We turn now to About.com’s Grammar section for information on the 3 types of irony.  (Wikipedia concurs, but the former is more succinct.)

  1. Verbal irony is a trope in which the intended meaning of a statement differs from the meaning that the words appear to express.
  2. Situational irony involves an incongruity between what is expected or intended and what actually occurs.
  3. Dramatic irony is an effect produced by a narrative in which the audience knows more about present or future circumstances than a character in the story.

And now I present you, a portrait of irony.  Q&A after the jump.

Q.  Isn’t it ironic that Lindsay Lohan continues to celebrate her sobriety by being arrested for drug and alcohol abuse?
A.  No, that’s dangerous, stupid, and disrespectful.
Q.  Even though the one time she was wearing a hoodie like yours?
A.  Even though the one time she was wearing a hoodie like mine.
Q.  What about the fact that sales of the America Apparel hoodie she was wearing skyrocketed after that picture.  That has to be ironic, right?
A.  No.  Still not ironic.

It’s clear that explaining the definition of irony is as futile as keeping Lindsay on the straight-and-narrow.  We’re all going to hell.

– Victoria’s Secret PINK “No Pictures” tank
– Metropark studded hoodie
– Rock & Republic Valentina pants
– Nine West platform shoes


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Day 2 of gray skies and good news for people who love bad news.  I’m running out of* cheery outfits to carry me through to abundant sunshine.  But my skirt today makes me smile — the pattern reminds me of happy little Tokidoki clouds.

*I’m not

– Hanes tank
– Tahari boyfriend blazer
– Rachael & Chloe skirt
– Ferragamo bow stick pin
– Gold’n’glass bracelet (*thanks Melissa!)
– Fendi convertible clutch
– Lips: Mac Gimme That!


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It was the rain, not the sun, that woke me up this morning.  Sheets of it.  I groggily opened one eye and slid shut the window, but the curtains and sill were already soaked.  Kind of like my soul.

“Is it Monday already?” I croaked, already knowing the answer.

Tough way to start the week.  Especially when Nothing Even Makes Sense might as well become the new Yes We Can.  Man, it’s hard out here for a pimp.

The only logical thing to do was throw on a splash of colour.  Yellow, I thought, like the sunshine today’s missing.

– Silk top, Carol Little
– Cashmere cardigan, Gap
– Motorcycle jeans, Domino
– Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden
– Geode necklace
– Angel hoop earrings
– Nails: Jellybean


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A few years ago I decided to make a t-shirt quilt.  Now, a heap of scraps sits in my hall closet, waiting to be stitched together.  This is an improvement from 2005-2009, when the t-shirts they hailed from still dangled off hangers, taking up even more room.  So I’m getting there, slowly but surely.  Rome wasn’t built in a day (*then again I’m pretty sure Caesar didn’t give his crew unlimited time off).

My shirt? shrug? vest? today, however, is one happy outcome of my yet-to-be-constructed quilt.  I realized that a pretty interesting little garment remained after I snipped out the center graphic of my favourite shirt from 8th grade.  I made a couple more cuts, ran a seam up the edges, and voila!

– Reworked vintage t-shirt, WWJilly
– White tank, Hanes
– Kate jeans, Juicy Couture
– Oversize sunglasses, Ralph Lauren
– Pearl’n’chain earrings, Banana Republic


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Apathetic Autumnal Equinox! I can’t bring myself to wish anyone a “Happy” Autumnal Equinox, since it puts the punctuation mark on summer.  But the sun is shining and pretty soon we’ll bask under the light of a full moon — the harvest moon, at that.   This is the first time in nearly 20 years where the first day of fall coincides with September’s full moon.  So I guess that’s something to toast.  Hey, at least I’m not standing at the North Pole (*a fact I can guarantee you, unless Santa Claus kidnaps me, would never happen); there I “would see the sun skimming across the horizon, signaling the start of six months of darkness.”  Can I get an “Aww hell naw!”

– Victoria’s Secret PINK dress
– Paper Denim & Cloth bomber jacket
– Collection Eighteen scarf
– Nine West heels


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To my battered and tattered black summer shoes:

Today is the day I bid you adieu. Your devotion over the past 2 seasons has not been in vain.  Actually, that’s untrue — it’s been completely in vain… for which I thank you.

Volcom flip flops: Your toughness gave me street cred in a world of rainbow Havianas.  Slipping you on and off was a breeze, and so you walked many miles upon my feet… and you were with me every step of the way.

Steve Madden gladiator flats: Our beginning was kismet.  OK fine it was totally opportunistic on my part.  Amy Class of ’98, I’m sorry you left our reunion early and I was forced to take the gift certificate to Steve Madden you won.  Aren’t you glad though?  She probably would have picked something sensible, like a Maryjane or a kitten heel.  You have provided me the right amount of edge throughout the summer months while keeping me on solid ground… literally.

I will think of you both fondly every time I hear this quote: It’s better to burn out than it is to rust.


– Satin shirt, Forever 21
– Bomber jacket, Paper Denim & Cloth
– Leopard jeans, Miss Sixty
– Black sandals, Minnetonka
– Convertible clutch, Fendi
– Mani/Pedi: Celeb City/Concrete, both Sally Hansen Hard as Nails


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Yesterday I remarked to a guy who made me wait over an hour for a free hat he said to “come back in 15 minutes” to claim, “The sport of surfing has taught me patience unlike any other.  My mom and dad would be so proud.”  The experience was pretty much a microcosm of learning to surf: I’d see little kids getting what they wanted (a spray-on skin stencil) while the trucker hats sat tantalizingly out of my reach, waiting to be inked with a Lost logo… waves fired in the background, providing countless albeit sloppy opportunities for surfers in the Belmar Pro… I thought to myself, “At least I’m getting some Vitamin D”… and finally, when I was just about ready to give up, it happened — Ashton Kutcher’s 2004 cast-off — who would ever think that would be a metaphor for achievement over the least intuitive sport I finally showed progress in?! — was mine!

In accordance with the comparison, I promptly ruined the hat by trying to improve upon the botched logo job… luckily I’d already secured a pretty sick Red Bull Surfing hat signed by the impressive-but-not-at-all-impressed-with-herself Maya Gabeira, big wave surfer and 2009 Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year Espy winner.  She was in Belmar as part of The Carissa and Maya Project, inspiring female surfers in New York and New Jersey.  Maya’s down-to-earth approachability is in direct contrast to the sky-high waves she surfs.

So, Dave, to answer your disdainfully asked question, “I’m wearing a pretty sick hat signed by a pretty sick surfer chick.”

– Pleated dress, Juicy Couture
– Striped shirt, Gap
– Cowboy boots, Lulus
– Trucker hat, Red Bull Surfing
– Paisley pashmina


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Murphy’s Law

noun \ˈmər-fēz ˈlȯ\

Origin: probably from Edward A. Murphy †1990 American engineer
First Known Use: 1955
Definition: an observation: anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Example: I say, self-importantly, to a pretty important person, that my blog is, “Just approaching the one year anniversary!  And what’s most notable, at least in my opinion, is that I do it every business day, not sporadically.”  Wouldn’t you know, that declaration led to the week from posting hell. Monday my computer crashed.  Tuesday our network crashed.  Wednesday I was immersed in finalizing a presentation, and Thursday I flew out to Cincinnati to deliver it (how does an hour meeting and 2 70-minute flights equal 18 hours of travel time?  Oh travel, you defy mathematics again! I suppose, keeping consistent with things crashing, it’s fortuitous that our plane didn’t…)

In any case, I’ve uploaded my WWJW looks for the week here and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused my dear readers.

– Paw Yourself a Grizzly t-shirt (*thanks Dad!)
– Hudson corduroys
– TOMS Shoes
– Lucky Brand belt
– Earrings, Melody Ehsani (*thanks sis!)
– Lips – Smashbox Sultry+ NYX Almost Black

– Rodarte for Target silk and tulle dress
– L.A.M.B. clogs
– Etsy Ethereal necklace (*thanks sis!)

– Heritage 1981 splatter t-shirt dress
– Forever 21 Faux leather jacket
– American Apparel leggings
– Old Navy flip flops
– Lips: Countessa Fluorescent by Lime Crime

– Bershka Striped top
– Tahari boyfriend blazer
– H&M skinny pants
– Steve Madden caged gladiator flats
– Necklaces: WWJilly & David Yurman
– Assorted rings
– Peace’n’love earrings

– VS Pink Look at Me t-shirt
– Juicy Couture starlight hoodie
– American Apparel leggings
– Necklaces: WWJilly & David Yurman
– Assorted rings
– Peace’n’love earrings


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It wouldn’t be Music Week at WWJW without a nod to grunge… just like it wouldn’t be Fashion Week without Marc Jacobs — creator of the grunge aesthetic — exhibiting not 1, not 2, but 3 collections.

Jacobs has come a long way from his days at the helm of Perry Ellis, where his experimentation into the realm of grunge got him the Jazz treatment… but won over the fashion community where he continues to innovate season after season.

For more info on grunge in Fashion and Music, check me out here.

– Plaid flannel dress, Mossimo
– Studded hoodie, Metropark
– 8-hole lace-ups, Dr. Marten
– Black daisy barettes
– Lips: Smashbox Sultry

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