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DailyCandy introduced me to LaQuan Smith back in February.  First off, his name is LaQuan.  I don’t know about you, but that’s reason enough for me to be totally rapt by a person.  But more importantly, he’s young, talented, determined, and fabulous.  Smith — ugh, he’s so not a “Smith”; let’s call him LaQuan — began putting fabric and stitches to his designs at the green age of 13.  By the time he was of legal drinking age, he party-crashed his way into meeting the Who’s Who of style and fame, of which he says, “I started meeting people and… I dunno, next thing I know, like, Lady Gaga’s wearing my leggings… but I want everyone to be dripping in LaQuan Smith.”

Seems like he’s making the right moves.  DailyCandy continues their coverage of LaQuan Smith as he enters into Fashion Week.  So don’t forget the name.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, next week kicks off my very first WWJW Challenge.  Some of my friends wanted me to take inspiration from musical acts and songs, which coincides neatly with my plans to go Gaga at a wedding this weekend.  Photos to follow!  Happy weekend!

– Double Zero dress
– White tank, Hanes
– Silver gladiators, Blowfish
– Studded belt, Gap
– Bracelets: CC Skye, double wrap, gold horn, flattened silver rope, Forever 21
– Panther necklace
– Turquoise clover earrings
– Rings: Silver knuckle, pyramid stud
– Nails: Pink Parka by Essie

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