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My sister recommended these lyrics for my Music Week challenge:

I, I like the colourful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair…

   — The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations

And while The Beach Boys are far less profound than The Beatles, their longevity makes them nearly as prolific.  With thirty-six U.S. Top 40 hits — the most of any U.S. rock band — and their position as Billboard’s bestselling American band of all time, The Beach Boys have earned their reputation as “America’s Band.”  I know, I didn’t believe it either ’til I boned up on Wikipedia.

When you think about it, The Beach Boys epitomize So-Cal, surfing, betties, and fast cars — the good life.  Ah, escapism.  It’s no wonder that they’ve left a legacy on music — it’s a lifestyle that we’ve all dreamed about!  No matter if you like The Beach Boys, David Lee Roth, or Katy Perry, California Girls are something to sing about.



– Roxy top
– Lilly Pulitzer cardigan
– Kenzie pants
– Rainbow flip flops
– Gap studded belt
– Hoop earrings (*thanks Sarah!)
– Striped plastic ring
– VZ Alotta sunglasses (*thanks Mom!)

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  1. I’m picking up good vibrations from these pics, Jilla. Glad you caught some sunshine instead of cramping in an office all day. This outfit is one that is greater than the sum of its parts. Well-played!

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