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Yesterday I remarked to a guy who made me wait over an hour for a free hat he said to “come back in 15 minutes” to claim, “The sport of surfing has taught me patience unlike any other.  My mom and dad would be so proud.”  The experience was pretty much a microcosm of learning to surf: I’d see little kids getting what they wanted (a spray-on skin stencil) while the trucker hats sat tantalizingly out of my reach, waiting to be inked with a Lost logo… waves fired in the background, providing countless albeit sloppy opportunities for surfers in the Belmar Pro… I thought to myself, “At least I’m getting some Vitamin D”… and finally, when I was just about ready to give up, it happened — Ashton Kutcher’s 2004 cast-off — who would ever think that would be a metaphor for achievement over the least intuitive sport I finally showed progress in?! — was mine!

In accordance with the comparison, I promptly ruined the hat by trying to improve upon the botched logo job… luckily I’d already secured a pretty sick Red Bull Surfing hat signed by the impressive-but-not-at-all-impressed-with-herself Maya Gabeira, big wave surfer and 2009 Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year Espy winner.  She was in Belmar as part of The Carissa and Maya Project, inspiring female surfers in New York and New Jersey.  Maya’s down-to-earth approachability is in direct contrast to the sky-high waves she surfs.

So, Dave, to answer your disdainfully asked question, “I’m wearing a pretty sick hat signed by a pretty sick surfer chick.”

– Pleated dress, Juicy Couture
– Striped shirt, Gap
– Cowboy boots, Lulus
– Trucker hat, Red Bull Surfing
– Paisley pashmina


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