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Vocabulary — adjectives specifically — qualifies as an interest of mine.  Because I’ve been remiss on posting, I’m taking the opportunity today to tag photos from the week with the adjectives less traveled.

– Jacket, Members Only
– Rose babydoll top/dress, GAP Kids
– Skinny jeans, Forever 21
– Lace boots, Dr. Marten
– Pink leopard Bayswater bag, Mulberry for Target
– Silver knuckle ring

– Blazer, Theory
– Satin tank, Sydney Tyler
– Wool cargo pants, Banana Republic
– Yellow belt, Barbara & Company
– Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden
– Organic spike necklace, WWJilly

– Navajo cape, Forever 21
– White tank, Hanes
– Kate jeans, Juicy Couture
– Bali flats, Cydney Mandel
– Madonna necklace, Elsa Perreti for Tiffany
– Black and silver bracelets

– Blazer, Theory
– Halter, GAP
– Houndstooth pants, Banana Republic
– Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden
– Madonna necklace, Elsa Perreti for Tiffany

– Flower power hoodie, Lucky Jeans
– Cousins t-shirt (*thanks sis!)
– Muse jeans, Joe’s Jeans
– Monkey socks (*thanks Nicky!)
– Sneakers, New Balance
– Sunglasses, Miss Sixty

10.18 *J would never wear in public
– White tank, Hanes
– Cableknit blanket, Smith & Johnson Dry Goods
– Prue tab-front leather shorts, BB Dakota
– Valchiria belt, Diesel
– Clemence knee-hi socks, Hansel from Basel
– Zoe boots, Sam Edelman
– Wool cap

– Spacedyed sweaterdress, Victoria’s Secret
– Vintage leather jacket (*thanks Tim!)
– Suede cowboy boots

– Chambray dress, Zac Posen for Target
– Cashmere cardigan, GAP
– White tank, Hanes
– Suede cowboy boots
– Braided skinny belt, Aeropostale



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There’s something so fresh about a white t-shirt.  It can connote so many different things — a stack of clean laundry, a tie-dye project begging to happen, something you grabbed this morning off James Dean’s floor…  Their potential is unlimited!  If I were marooned on a desert island, I’d hope to be outfitted in one.

– Plain white tee, Forever 21
– Motorcycle jeans, Domino
– White flip flops, Rainbow
– Headscarf, Emilio Pucci


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The funny thing about fashion is that designers are a minimum of 6 months ahead of us.  One might argue that this fuels rampant consumerism, but in truth it takes about that long for new merchandise to be concepted, created, promoted, and work its way through the usual channels and onto shelves.  We’re just entering into Fall and already Spring 2011 collections have been highly anticipated, sauntered down runways, tweeted about, and now, summarized.  What Spring 2011 trends are you most excited about?  Or are you more about living in the present?

– Sheer sweater, BCBG Max Azria
– Jeans, Earnest Sewn x WWJilly
– Sam Edelman Zoe boots


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They say you can’t criticize a person until you walk a mile in his/her shoes.  But what if the sole criticism you had was about that person’s shoes?

Enter the Sam Edelman Zoe, source of much debate — both personally and in the blogosphere.  Modeled after Balenciaga’s Fall 2006 harness boot, it was all I could do to not succumb to their chunky, Clydesdale-like fabulosity.  On the third re-issue, my resistance finally wore down and I’m now a proud — and tall, holy hell! — owner.

– Beulah dress
– Sam Edelman Zoe boots
– Vestal watch
– Porcupine ring
– Silver knuckle ring
– Glass and silver ring
– Matte silver rhinestone earrings
– Nails: Celeb City


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– Purple heather t-shirt, Drifter
– Studded hoodie, Metropark
– Skinny jeans, Forever 21
– Juicy Couture Birdie booties
– Fedora, Rip Curl
– Striped scarf, Collection Eighteen
– White watch, G-Shock/BAPE Collaboration
– Silver hoop earrings


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When I was in 5th and 6th grades, all the coolest girls in my class dressed preppy.  V-neck sweaters, tartan plaid, Gap jeans…  “Mom,” I said, “I think I want to start dressing preppy.”

A few hours later, we sat down to watch America’s Funniest People, the awful spinoff to America’s Funniest Home Videos, the awful spinoff to Full House.  “Ooh I LOVVVEE her dress,” I gushed about the skin tight, off the shoulder minidress that Dave Coulier’s co-host was wearing.  Did I mention it was printed with multi-colour dollar bills?

Why I was taking fashion cues from an obvious fashion victim, I’ll never know.  But my instincts were right on.  Cause still to this day, I have problems pulling off American sportswear.  This is my ode to Michael Kors’s Fall 2010 Ready-to-WearDanielle Meder’s is much, much more compelling.  Thanks anyway, Bazaar, but I think I’ll sit out this trend.

– Chambray shirt, NY & Company
– Khakis, The Limited
– Tobacco stacked heels, Nine West
– Clear lucite belt


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Yesterday I blogged about my new Hansel from Basel socks and linked out to a style guide on legwear that included a photo from Rag & Bone’s Fall 2010 runway show.  “Who is that model?” I asked my very fabulous friend.  “It’s not Gemma Ward, but it sure looks like her!”

We couldn’t figure it out, and I almost forgot about it, until late last night I caught a few minutes of the movie The Strangers.  “Gemma Ward‘s in this?!” I exclaimed.  Unsurprisingly, my boyfriend, who subscribes to New Scientist and Civil Engineering magazines, replied, “I have no idea who that is.”

Many people might think 2 Gemma Ward sightings in 1 day is ironic.  They are mistaken.  But it is a strange coincidence.  One that threw my subconscious into overdrive.  Because I woke up around 4 AM after a dream in which I said, “Jessica Stam!  The girl in the photo is Jessica Stam.”

It’s not — it’s Sasha Pivovarova — who totally looks like Gemma Ward (further proof here and here).  But here’s an illustrated tee with all 3 of these lovely, dollfaced* ladies.

*Which happens to be Gemma’s name in The Strangers.  Nope, that’s still not ironic.  In fact, it’s decidedly unironic.

– Distressed Jr. Lifeguard t-shirt, WWJilly
– Cerulean cardigan, Express
– Jeans, Joe’s Jeans
– Shoes, TOMS Shoes
– Summer Lovin’ necklace, Brighton and Liz Claiborne
– Gold hoop earrings
– Lips: Contessa Fluorescent, Lime Crime
– Nails: Blue Satin, Chanel

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