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Yesterday I blogged about my new Hansel from Basel socks and linked out to a style guide on legwear that included a photo from Rag & Bone’s Fall 2010 runway show.  “Who is that model?” I asked my very fabulous friend.  “It’s not Gemma Ward, but it sure looks like her!”

We couldn’t figure it out, and I almost forgot about it, until late last night I caught a few minutes of the movie The Strangers.  “Gemma Ward‘s in this?!” I exclaimed.  Unsurprisingly, my boyfriend, who subscribes to New Scientist and Civil Engineering magazines, replied, “I have no idea who that is.”

Many people might think 2 Gemma Ward sightings in 1 day is ironic.  They are mistaken.  But it is a strange coincidence.  One that threw my subconscious into overdrive.  Because I woke up around 4 AM after a dream in which I said, “Jessica Stam!  The girl in the photo is Jessica Stam.”

It’s not — it’s Sasha Pivovarova — who totally looks like Gemma Ward (further proof here and here).  But here’s an illustrated tee with all 3 of these lovely, dollfaced* ladies.

*Which happens to be Gemma’s name in The Strangers.  Nope, that’s still not ironic.  In fact, it’s decidedly unironic.

– Distressed Jr. Lifeguard t-shirt, WWJilly
– Cerulean cardigan, Express
– Jeans, Joe’s Jeans
– Shoes, TOMS Shoes
– Summer Lovin’ necklace, Brighton and Liz Claiborne
– Gold hoop earrings
– Lips: Contessa Fluorescent, Lime Crime
– Nails: Blue Satin, Chanel


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  1. Love the necklace! Super cute 🙂

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