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I realize I left a few people hangin’; didn’t realize quite how many!  I do apologize for that.  A lot has changed in the last 3 months for me.  And while I don’t personally subscribe to a “new beginnings” philosophy where drastic changes beget other drastic changes, I can say that a new career coincided with my first major hair cut in 15 years.  My intention has been to carry on with WWJW, but a loooooong daily commute and more conservative dress code has made it a little tricky.  Nevertheless, I’ve been saving articles (like this a propos one) and taking photos nearly every day (completely coincidentally, the days where I looked especially boring or train wreck-y, they’re absent, like frames 208-211 of the Zapruder film).  This week, after a back-and-forth email exchange in which I described apparel and accessories ad nauseum, and a conversation about the workings of blogs and online content, I finally made it a priority to get to WWJW.  And while I can’t promise the format for my blog will remain the same, I can say that I’m committed to uploading my backlog of pictures and revealing my new hair cut to any readers who have yet to see it (the 4 of you I don’t know in real life — shout out!!!).  Thanks for your patience and for sticking with me… and for caring in the first place!



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