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Off to Chicago! Now there’s a city that rubs me the right way. Why can a person say “rubs me the wrong way,” and nobody bat an eye, but that same person says “rubs me the right way,” and sound totally inappropriate. Let’s try that again.

Off to Chicago! My favourite American city. I don’t even mind the winters; Chicago’s always been kind to me when I visit in January. This time’s no different.

While my company is based in NYC, the team I’m working with is located in Chi-town. I was lucky enough to be invited out for an event as well as some general office hours. I flew out Sunday afternoon, abandoning Nick (an Eagles fan) in a room of Packers fans. I hoped wearing my Michael Vick jersey would propel his team to victory, but alas, no; they lost to the future Superbowl champs.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I dressed for anything. That’s something I quickly learned about working in a city, be it New York or Chicago… you never know when the weather might flipmode on you. But as far as Chicago being colder than New York? I’m not buying it. Especially not this winter! What about the wind, you say? Believe it or not, Chicago earned its reputation as “The Windy City,” as a result of some gusty trash-talking, not any shears slashing off the Lake.

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