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A-ha!  So it isn’t just me!  About Blake Lively and LeoDiCaprio’s budding romance, DListed DClared, “Blake Lively’s Publicist is Damn Good.”  This, of course, comes on the heels of my lamentation on Blake becoming the face of the chicest house in fashion.  Mon amie Amy and I (what?  If a beach blonde like Blake can embody Chanel, why can’t I cherchez le French?) joke around about our publicity agency in which we manufacture fame by pairing people (Ryan Gosling and Clemence Poesy is my pièce de résistance thusfar), scheduling pregnancies, and identifying the perfect charities for celebs to align with.  Did somebody say Sparah?



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Life is better when the mercury’s north of 70.  You know how I know?  Today I felt the little lobster claws of static electricity clinging desperately to my skirt.  Not even a sprinkle of water could convince them to defect.  Oh well, I thought cheerfully, a stronk chinook swirling waist-high.  At least they’re keeping me from being overexposed.  When the sun is beaming on your face, it’s hard not to have a glass half full kind of day.


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