Dressing unapologetically… then apologizing or reserving the right to at a later time

Welcome to What Would Jilly Wear, the brainchild of me, a fashion victim/victor/I-guess-we’ll-find-out-won’t-we?  I’m constantly getting comments about the styles I wear, so for a number of reasons, I decided to photopublish them daily and see what happened.  I suppose this is just more useless junk to end up in the [virtual] wastestream (thanks Dad, for that gem of a quote), but it will also be a good exercise to get me back to writing.  Plus I have this great closet (thanks Mom, for that gem of a construction project) full of possibilities, so it will give me a reason to dress to impress every day.  Oh who am I kidding; I do that anyway, at least in my mind.  And so, I bring you What Would Jilly Wear, a daily update of my “look,” complete with who inspired it (ok, taking this a wee bit too seriously?).  My hope is that people will comment, no holds barred, with their opinions.  I can take it.  I’ve been called everything from Michael Jackson to Clarissa Explains it All.  I circle my fat at least once a week.  Sometimes I’ll buy a shmedium shirt if I fall in love with the print and it’s not available in husky.  I want to be roasted for my swiftly approaching 30th birthday for Pete’s sake!  So please, opine.  Let’s get started.


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