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GREAT NEWS!  VH1 called and said they want me to audition for a show.  It’s called Ugliest Week Ever.  Here’s my highlight reel:



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Off to Chicago! Now there’s a city that rubs me the right way. Why can a person say “rubs me the wrong way,” and nobody bat an eye, but that same person says “rubs me the right way,” and sound totally inappropriate. Let’s try that again.

Off to Chicago! My favourite American city. I don’t even mind the winters; Chicago’s always been kind to me when I visit in January. This time’s no different.

While my company is based in NYC, the team I’m working with is located in Chi-town. I was lucky enough to be invited out for an event as well as some general office hours. I flew out Sunday afternoon, abandoning Nick (an Eagles fan) in a room of Packers fans. I hoped wearing my Michael Vick jersey would propel his team to victory, but alas, no; they lost to the future Superbowl champs.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I dressed for anything. That’s something I quickly learned about working in a city, be it New York or Chicago… you never know when the weather might flipmode on you. But as far as Chicago being colder than New York? I’m not buying it. Especially not this winter! What about the wind, you say? Believe it or not, Chicago earned its reputation as “The Windy City,” as a result of some gusty trash-talking, not any shears slashing off the Lake.


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Ah yes, the merits of working in NY. On one hand, it should be more fun getting dressed — with trend-spotting websites like The Sartorialist there’s a challenge to a gal’s closet every morning. Contrarily, walking a score of blocks puts a serious damper on any fun footwear to be worn, and lugging bags in triplicate can make any person more closely resemble a mule than a muse. That’s before even getting to work (but after a hour plus sojurn in cars, buses, and subways). My office has a more conservative culture than agencyland, so alas, no more bunny ear headbands or leggings made of mercury. I guess the good news is my dress code — while not officially mandated; as I learned at orientation, “There’s not a dress code here, but we’d like to keep it that way so don’t be the person who forces one to be devised…” — will persuade me to edit out all those pieces that may have been regrettable anyway.


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Friends and colleagues alike have long expressed their opinions that I “belong” working in New York City.  “I’m so surprised you never worked in the city!”  [I did.]  “You’re going to love working in the city!”  [I don’t, necessarily.]  “You’re going to have so much fun getting dressed for your new city job!”  Well, like anything else, there are pros and cons to working in NYC vs. working in suburban NJ.  Fortunately for me, I don’t have to consider them ’til a later date since Jack Frost dumped massive amounts of snow on the tri-state and my manager was kind enough to let me work from home.  I’ve been wearing a lot of this outfit, which wouldn’t be complete if not for the woolly mammoth legwarmers c/o Nick’s fam this Christmas.  Those DeCotii really think they have my style down to a science!  Or an art, I suppose, the doyenne’s case.


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Weeks 1&2


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Whoops, I guess I had one more day left in my backlog before starting the new job.  I’m just gonna start flying through these uploads so I can get back to posting with actual commentary and purpose.  Until then, get acquainted to gobs of photos… Then again, a little bitchrd suggested “nobody cares about Marc Jacobs” anyway.

The Lady Gaga lovefest continues with the debut of this seductively pale milky-beige VIVAGLAM Lipglass.  All monies raised go the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund to help support people living with HIV/AIDS.


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My last 2 days of freedom… then it’s back to the grind.  Or starting a new grind, I should say.   Unemployment has proven to be a pretty worthy experience.  I’ve been able to tend to many (never quite got to “all”) of the projects that the time squeeze prevented me from getting into.  It’s enabled me to be selective about my next venture; I never felt pressured to settle for something that only felt mostly right when I knew there was something on the horizon that was exactly right.  That’s not to say that I held out for some romanticized “dream job,” like the Editor-in-Chief of a fashion publication or Brad Goreski‘s replacement.  Finding a new job, especially in the times we live in, is striking the right balance between what you know about your strengths (and weaknesses), what you liked about your past jobs, the pertinent experience you have, and — realistically — where you see yourself heading.  I’m proud to report I have done the proper amount of soul searching, networking, and hustling to land a position with an A+ company doing something I am committed to succeeding in.  Like I said in a previous post, WWJW will continue but at a different pace than before.  Thanks again for remaining interested and involved!



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The world’s biggest lead-up… at long last, my long locks, gone!  What struck me as curious is that today, in meeting new people on a set of interviews, they never knew me to have long hair.  I feel like declaring, “This isn’t really me!” and yet, it is!  I’ll have to get used to my new look but I feel good about putting the clippings towards a benevolent cause.


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I realize I left a few people hangin’; didn’t realize quite how many!  I do apologize for that.  A lot has changed in the last 3 months for me.  And while I don’t personally subscribe to a “new beginnings” philosophy where drastic changes beget other drastic changes, I can say that a new career coincided with my first major hair cut in 15 years.  My intention has been to carry on with WWJW, but a loooooong daily commute and more conservative dress code has made it a little tricky.  Nevertheless, I’ve been saving articles (like this a propos one) and taking photos nearly every day (completely coincidentally, the days where I looked especially boring or train wreck-y, they’re absent, like frames 208-211 of the Zapruder film).  This week, after a back-and-forth email exchange in which I described apparel and accessories ad nauseum, and a conversation about the workings of blogs and online content, I finally made it a priority to get to WWJW.  And while I can’t promise the format for my blog will remain the same, I can say that I’m committed to uploading my backlog of pictures and revealing my new hair cut to any readers who have yet to see it (the 4 of you I don’t know in real life — shout out!!!).  Thanks for your patience and for sticking with me… and for caring in the first place!



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It’s been a long time that I’ve let you go;
I’ve neglected you,
Even though you’ve been oft on my mind.
Friends have inquired about you,
Strangers have said kind words.
I try to keep up with you,
But unruly circumstances
Have left you in a tattered and weary state.
I haven’t given you the attention you deserve.

And so,
I bid you farewell.
It is a decision that has come
After great consternation.
A decision I know
I will lament.  And how!

But change is good,
And the only way to face your fears
Is head-on

So long, long hair.

I have a chance
To donate to a meaningful cause,
Without decimating the tresses
From whence you came.

It’s more than 10 inches
To whom I’m bidding adieu.
It’s more than 10 years
Of living with you.

Au revoir, fair hair;
May you bring good tidings
To your new wearer.

– Vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt
– Muse jeans, Joe’s Jeans
– Birdie boots, Juicy Couture

– Gray suit, Limited
– Infinity scarf, H&M
– Birdie boots, Juicy Couture

Day look
– Gray suit jacket, Limited
– Black tank, Old Navy (*thanks Sarah!)
– Gray tank, Hanes
– Black pants, Joe’s Jeans
– Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden
– Madonna necklace, Elsa Peretti
– Studded briefcase, Deux Lux

Night look
– Black tank, Old Navy (*thanks Sarah!)
– Gray tank, Hanes
– Black pants, Joe’s Jeans
– Birdie boots, Juicy Couture

– Vintage terry cloth dress
– Suede cowboy boots
– Manicure: American Apparel Berry, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Forever 21 Teal

– Graphic tee, American Eagle
– Tuxedo cardigan, Kimchi Blue
– Cloud jeans, Levi’s
– Black sandals, Minnetonka
– Chandelier earrings, Forever 21
– Lips: Revlon Orange Flip

– Neon tee, VS PINK
– Prue tab-front leather shorts, BB Dakota
– Zoe boots, Sam Edelman
– Glitter cuff (*thanks Nick!)
– Double wrap lock & key bracelet, WWJilly
– Lips: Lime Crime Contessa Fluorescent

– Short sleeved velvet blazer, CK Choice
– White tank, Hanes
– Lilac pencil skirt, Harve Benard
– Nude patent pumps, Steve Madden
– Scarf, Fendi

– V-neck tee, VS PINK
– Boyfriend blazer, Tahari
– Neon yellow necklace, WWJilly

– Gypsy dress, Mossimo
– Black wool jersey gloves with leather thumb, Daniel Storto
– Boots, Blowfish
– Vintage art deco bangle

“Portrait of Elle Woods on Crystal Meth”
– Tie dyed sweatshirt, WWJilly
– Terry shorts, Jet Set
– Pink boots, Von Dutch

– A Royal Salute t-shirt, Hellz Bellz
– Cupcake skirt, Rachael & Chloe
– Zoe boots, Sam Edelman
– Lace glasses, WWJilly
– Studded glove, Topshop
– Pink bow

– Sweatshirt, Niki Kelce for Volcom
– Leggings, Rock & Republic

– Sweater, H&M
– Black pants, Joe’s Jeans
– Gladiator flats, Blowfish
– To Me bag, Fendi
– Gold headband, Forever 21

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